The 4 Ways Owen J Roberts School District Buyers Mess Up When Buying a House With Children In Mind

September 10, 2018

Owen J Roberts School District Buyers

As Owen J Roberts School District buyers search for their home, they may be thinking about their future children.  Even families with children already are thinking about what Owen J Roberts School District house to buy to best fit their families needs.  It is good to think about how the home will serve the family, […]


11 Tips for Staging a Radnor House to Sell

September 3, 2018

Staging a Radnor House

To sell a Radnor house, many homeowners use a professional home stager.  These companies know the right furniture placement and use the best décor possible to make the home look wonderful.  The only problem is the amount staging a Radnor house costs. To avoid dishing out a good deal of money take a do-it-yourself approach […]


Find Your Methacton School District Starter Home with These 3 Tips

August 27, 2018

Methacton School District Starter Home

If you are getting ready to buy a Methacton School District starter home, it can be a very exciting time. However, it probably won’t take you long to notice that there don’t seem to be very many starter homes left on the market. A Methacton School District starter home is becoming more scarce with today’s […]


5 To-Dos That OJR Sellers Will Want to Avoid

August 20, 2018

OJR Sellers

If OJR sellers thought you had a long list of things to do around your OJR house before you decided to sell it, you will be shocked at the amount of things on your to-do list. As you perform an initial walk through around the house, you will probably uncover many different things that you […]


Radnor Home Buying Steps You Should NOT Overlook

August 13, 2018

Radnor Home Buying

Most people considering starting the Radnor home buying process have most likely thought about the basic steps like saving for a down payment and obtaining a mortgage for a property.  After they have enough money and decent credit, they think that the Radnor home buyer process should run smoothly from there on out. However, this […]


3 Signs OJR Home Sellers Need to Take Your House Off the Market

August 6, 2018

OJR Home Sellers

It’s every OJR home seller’s worst nightmare: your house has been listed on the market for a month with a little attention and no offers that were acceptable. If OJR home sellers are debating the idea of taking your house off the market, it can be an overwhelming decision. OJR home sellers at this point […]


8 Earnest Money Blunders First-Time Methacton Home Buyers Make

July 30, 2018

Earnest Money

No one wants to make a mistake when it comes to money.  People curse themselves when they lose their wallet with fifty dollars in it.  Imagine losing thousands of dollars over a simple misstep. There are many ways first-time Methacton home buyers can mess up when dealing with earnest money.   Pay attention to these […]


What to Consider with a Radnor Fixer-Upper

July 23, 2018

Radnor Fixer-Upper

Buying a Radnor fixer-upper is the dream of many potential homeowners who want to fully renovate and create a house that is all their own.  It can be beneficial. All the spaces are designed after what the buyer prefers and most go for a low cost. However, while there are upsides to buying a Radnor […]


OJR Home Inspection: What Matters and What Doesn’t

July 16, 2018

OJR Home Inspection

It’s every OJR buyer’s worst nightmare: you find the perfect house and then the OJR home inspection turns up a report with a long list of problems. What are you supposed to do now? Should you not buy the house? It can be a confusing and overwhelming to know what to do. So, here are […]


How to Sell a Methacton Home As Is

July 9, 2018

Sell a Methacton Home As Is

When you get ready to sell a Methacton house there is going to be a long list of things to get done. Many times, this includes doing maintenance, making repairs, putting on a fresh coat of paint, and cleaning up the yard. It can be a tiring process and is sometimes very expensive. However, there […]