5 Simple Staging Strategies that Sell Owen J. Roberts School District Homes

February 12, 2018


Staging an Owen J. Roberts School District home is one of the most important parts of selling.  A staged home typically sells for a higher price.  Homes that are staged also sell much quicker.  That means Owen J. Roberts School District sellers should take their time when considering the best staging strategies.   Having a […]


Common Radnor School District Homeowner Tax Deductions

February 5, 2018

Tax Deductions

Owning a Radnor School District home can bring you lots of joy. But did you know it can also save you money too? There are several tax deductions available that can bring your tax bill down this year if you own your own home. Read on to make sure you’re taking advantage of all of […]


Do I Need to Include Home Repairs on My Methacton School District Seller’s Disclosure?

January 29, 2018

Methacton School District Seller’s Disclosure

Methacton School District sellers have a tricky path to navigate when it comes to selling their house. Sellers are required to complete a Methacton School District home disclosure for buyers to look at. This Methacton School District home disclosure gives buyers a clear picture of the condition that the house is in. It includes any […]


The 1031 Exchange: A Sound Strategy for Savvy Investors

January 22, 2018

1031 Exchange

1031 exchanges, governed by IRS Section 1031, can help Methacton School District real estate investors avoid capital gains taxes on their appreciated properties. In this way, real estate investors can grow their real estate portfolios by reinvesting the money that would ordinarily go towards paying capital gains taxes into a new property. The 1031 exchange […]


Buying an Owen J Roberts School District Home as a Millennial

January 15, 2018

Buying an Owen J Roberts School District Home

If you’re selling your Owen J Roberts School District home in the near future, chances are your buyer will be a Millennial. Although this generation used to prefer renting to buying, Millennials are now the dominant age group receiving purchase loans. Current low interest rates are fueling buyer enthusiasm, and many Millennials are eager to […]


How to Buy a Radnor Home in a Seller’s Market

January 8, 2018

Buy a Radnor Home

All over the nation houses are selling quickly and for top dollar. The market is being driven up by the gradually improving economy and a shortage of homes for sale. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t buy a Radnor home, it does make the process riskier and much more competitive. Mortgage rates are still […]


I have a lien on my Methacton School District House – Now What?

January 1, 2018


If you are getting ready to sell your Methacton School District house and discover that there is a lien placed on it, you may be wondering what to do. The short answer: you will need to have the lien removed before you sell. Understanding how liens work is your first step. Understanding a lien If […]


How to Handle A Bad Owen J Roberts School District Home Inspection

December 25, 2017

Owen J Roberts School District Home Inspection

The Owen J Roberts School District home inspection. Those words can create fear and excitement in any Owen J Roberts School District home buyer. On one hand, a professional inspection gives you the opportunity to become more familiar with your potential home and to ask a professional inspector advice on the home. On the other […]


Selling Your Methacton School District Home

December 18, 2017

Methacton School District Home

Selling your Methacton School Disctrict home is very different from the process involved when you first bought it. For some Methacton School Disctrict home sellers, it can quickly become overwhelming. And once this happens, mistakes tend to manifest. The biggest mistakes Methacton School District home sellers make revolve around price, home maintenance, and curb appeal. […]


Can Buying an Owen J Roberts School District Condemned House Be a Smart Move?

December 11, 2017

Condemned House

No matter what you are buying, chances are that you are always looking to score a good deal. When it comes Owen J Roberts School District real estate, you may be looking at houses that need a little work. While there are plenty of available houses on the Owen J Roberts School, there is also […]